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The Foreigner

I wrote this in 2016 after living in a new country for a few months.  It comes across very negative but it was about a feeling of not being able to adjust.  Everyone is more comfortable and accepted in their home country, and sometimes going to a new country makes you feel as though you're judged more on the things you do and the way you behave, and it's something you're not prepared for.

You are the breeze

I am the gale

You are the morning dew

I am the hail

You are the soft sand

I am the mud

You are the gentle tap 

I am the thud

You are the band-aid

I am the sore

You are world peace

I am the war

You are the Robin

I am the crow

You are the high

I am the low

You are the beach 

On a warm summers day

I am the tsunami

Destroying the bay

You are meditation

I am the heart attack

You are the massage

I am the sore back

You are the smile

I am the cry

You are the ladybird

I am the fly

You are the romance

I am the horror

You are the relief

I am the bother

You are the clear view

I am the mist

You are the handshake

I am the fist

You are the water

I am the fire

You are the freedom

I am the barbed wire

You are the angel

I am the poltergeist

You are the idol

I am the sacrifice

You are the light

I am the dark

You are the dolphin

I am the shark

You are the smile

I am the frown

You are the king

I am the clown

You are the armour

I am the shot

But you're at home

... I am not.

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