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Bernadette is an actress, singer and photographer.

A former child actress, she received awards for acting, miming, singing and classical guitar in her youth.  Following her studies at Cape Audio College she worked for over 10 years in the conference industry and returned to theatre in November 2019.


Bernadette loves all things creative.  She has done corporate and wedding photography in the past, received Grade 8 Distinction for Music Theory in 2017, is currently a member of various theatre groups in and around Hampshire and was cast in four theatre productions within her first three months as an actress, shortly before coronavirus restrictions came in early 2020.  She sings various genres of music in Haslemere Hall under the direction of her singing tutor on a regular basis and is currently a Rose Bruford student, studing towards a BA (Hons) in Theatre Studies.


Originally from Cape Town, South Africa, Bernadette currently resides in Hampshire England with her family, including three boys and four furry children.  She also likes talking to the wild birds and animals around her home.

Reviews for some of Bernadette's work can be viewed here.

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